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When you find a product or service that fits you and your needs, you want to talk about it, right? When you've been happy with anyone's services, like your insurance company, it's important to let people know. At Pretak & Pagones Insurance, we have an incentive offer to reward you for spreading the word!

  • Multiple quotes in minutes

  • Personal attention

  • Represent over 20 insurance companies

  • Multiple deductibles

  • We'll shop around for you!

  • Customized options for each and every customer

  • FREE quotes!

Let your friends know what makes us the best!

If you refer clients to our trusted agency, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a FREE flat screen TV! Drawings take place every four months, so the more people you refer, the better your chances.

Be entered to win a FREE flat screen television!

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Refer us and win